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This is the place for you to find old high school, college, university, alumni and military class yearbooks. This site offers yearbooks for sale online as well as search ideas that may help you find your old yearbook if someone has placed the yearbook you seek online.

This is a small website with advertising throughout it. Many of the links found here may help with your old yearbook search, may have some sort of product or service that you might enjoy or may relate in some small way to searching for an old yearbook. When you use this website, automatically assume that the link you click is a commercial advertisement. However, you are under no obligation to purchase anything and are free to view the links - any link - for your browsing enjoyment. For more information, view the Privacy Policy link in the left menu. The website was started in July of 2003, to sell off many of the old high school and college yearbooks acquired while searching for items to list on

Many people lost their old yearbooks while moving or in natural disasters. Many were asking for old high school yearbooks that were not available here and needed ideas to help search for and find their school yearbook. The site began listing peoples yearbook wanted ads by state - and the list has grown. It grew so much that it currently lists, as of 1/08, almost all of the 50 states of the United States, Germany, some of the UK and Canada. currently has wanted lists for High School Yearbooks, College Yearbooks, Elementary School Yearbooks and Military Yearbooks. They are grouped by State, since most of the replies I receive are from Americans. The wanted lists are not currently supported. Perhaps in the future I will start the wanted lists again, but for now I cannot do so.

Any Yearbook wanted ad that is currently listed on the site will remain in the hopes that someone sees your old yearbook wanted ad in their search on the internet and responds with the yearbook you wish to find. Older ads will slowly be deleted from the site. Also, there is no guarantee that your old yearbook will be found. As of November, 2008, a few of the users of the site were able to find their old yearbook with the methods and tutorials listed here. Since started, 28 yearbooks have found a new home - these were the yearbooks that have been listed on this site.

You can also browse old high school, college and university yearbooks for sale by selecting "Yearbooks For Sale" on the left menu.

The "Help Finding Yearbooks - Resources" link will provide you with sources for: Genealogy; used book dealer sites; Email and People searching links and an auction site where there are thousands of old yearbooks for sale with stores that have many, many yearbooks.

If you would like more help to search for your yearbook, the "Finding Yearbooks on the Web - Tutorials" link has simple guides for your old yearbook search. If you follow the instructions given, the tutorials can be used to help find your yearbook on other web sites (if your yearbook is available) and have the result emailed to you when it is found - which will help automate your old yearbook search.

I hope this site helps you find that lost yearbook and you are successful in your search. There are many resources available to help with your task and this is but one of them. If you are able to find your yearbook, I'd love to hear how you did it. Feedback is available for the site and your comments are welcomed at any time.

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